Daisy is black with a few tan markings and is the smaller of the two. As a young guinea pig she was shy and unsure of being handled and if she sat on my lap would fuss and fidget before settling down. As a baby she liked to climb up onto my shoulder and cuddle into my neck which was where she felt safe. However with careful handling she has become confident and happy to be stroked and held. 


Drew is a sandy colour and was always very sure of herself, even as a baby she was calm and peaceful when being handled. She will now sit on a persons lap for a long time without fidgeting happy to be stroked or just allowed to sit and be with you. 


Both of them have  lots of character and certainly make me smile when I get up on a dreary morning and see them waiting at the edge of their cage for a treat of blueberries or pieces of apple.

Daisy and Drew won the pet of the year award in the Coastway Vets Pet of the year Award for 2020.