Counselling Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes long and you have the choice to handle Daisy and Drew all, some or even none of the time. Clients work in different ways and together we will find the best way for you.

You are the expert on yourself and I will provide a safe place for you to explore the reasons that have led you to come to counselling. We will work together to find a way  to reach your desired goals.





Zoom appointments available are and will continue to be available for clients who would prefer not to meet face to face. Clients who have tried AAT via Zoom have been successful and found they can still benefit from having Daisy or Drew in their sessions. 


Walk and Talk

If you would prefer not to sit in a therapy room but instead have your session in the open air I can arrange 'walk and talk' sessions.


As an Integrated Counsellor I do not believe there is only one way of counselling and I draw from different theories. Sessions are fluid and I can incorporate AAT and Walk and Talk into the sessions. But underpinning all of our work together there will be empathy, honesty and respect for you, the client.