All Sessions are 50 minutes long.


Clients work in different ways and together we will find the best way for you. You are the expert on yourself and I will provide a safe place for you to explore the reasons that have led you to come to counselling. We will work together to find a way  to reach your desired goals.

Clients are able to choose to have their sessions either in person at my office in Lewes or via Zoom. Both options work equally well.

In Person - sessions will be held in a comfortable counselling room in my premises in Lewes. 

Zoom - allows clients to choose to have sessions with a counsellor who is out of their area. Clients who live in and around Lewes may prefer not to have to travel for sessions, particularly if they are in the evening after work.

The choice is yours so if your are not sure please call and we can discuss which option is best for you

Walk and Talk - session are only offered in dry weather and the location will be close to my office in Lewes. The Introductory session will be in my counselling room.